Tempered glass splashbacks

Transparent tempered glass is perfect for every kitchen wall, exposing its texture and colour while protecting it from dirt. That great solution will fit minimalism and raw finishes fans. Tempered glass is a superb alternative to Lacobel splashbacks or printed glass panels.

01 / Transparent glass splashbacks- elegant security

Traditional kitchen tiles are increasingly being replaced by other attractive alternatives, including clear tempered splashbacks. This solution allows us to achieve an extremely subtle and unusual effect that will surely appeal to all minimalism fans. Transparent, tempered glass panels let us highlight the original wall texture while ensuring its optimal protection from kitchen pollution. A hardened clear glass splashback can effectively protect wallpaper, bricks, stone, concrete, or any other surface above the worktop, hob, and between cabinets. While choosing to size made glass, we can decide on its shape, color, and dimensions, to perfectly fit in with our interior. The standard dimensions of the panels are 160 x 280 cm, and 6 mm thick.

A transparent, tempered kitchen splashback is mounted to the wall on steel rotulas, which are also a beautiful decoration.

02 / Tempered kitchen glass – advantages

Glass kitchen panels allow us to save a lot of time while cleaning the kitchen. Washing them is much easier and faster than cleaning tiles and grouts, and not require brushing.

Tempered glass is very safe, thanks to special thermal treatment, kitchen splashback gains thermal and mechanical resistance. In case of destruction, it breaks for small, rounded pieces, which eliminates the danger of harming. Edges of glass tempered panel are always milled.

03 / Price of tempered glass

Tempered glass is a bit more expensive than Lacobel panels, but hand in hand with price comes higher mechanical and thermal resistance. Safety and usability make it worth investing in durable glass kitchen panels.

The final cost depends on whether we choose a glass panel with graphics or ordinary, transparent tempered glass. In terms of price, the thickness and processing method are also important. The price of the tempered glass panels we offer can be easily checked using our pricing form. All you need to do is fill the form with the required information.