Printed glass panels

Decorative splashbacks are an elegant and practical solution. We offer Lacobel glass, tempered, lacquered glass panels as well as printed splashbacks.

01 / Printed splashbacks – personalized decoration to your kitchen

When it comes to renovation or just refitting the interior, we are seeking an ideal and unique solution, that will fit our dreamt design. Here come printed glass panels, which are considered as one of the most useful and practical decorations of all available. Printed glass splashbacks let us choose the matching picture so that we can create an extraordinary decoration. The image that will be printed on the glass can be found in Adobe Stock (we provide you with free access to the chosen picture) or it can come from your own collection. Its resolution must be at least 2000 pixels per linear meter of glass. The preparation of a visualization precedes the production of each printed glass splashback, so you can see how this decoration will present in your interior. If it does not meet your requirements, you can choose another one.

Glass-printed kitchen panels are decorated with multiple kinds of prints. Pictures with fruits or vegetables are quite often chosen, so it brightens and freshens up our interior.

Pictures printed on glass splashbacks not have to be associated with food. On a glass panel we can place night city view – buildings, streets, and bridges flashing with urban lights, that can bring a touch of elegance to our kitchen. All minimalistic-designed interiors will like with abstract graphics, which interestingly can bring life to our interior.

Glass with graphics is used not only as kitchen splashbacks, but it fits perfectly also in bathrooms, living rooms, or offices. Tempered glass, which is always base of printed panels, can be used as shelves or fridge fronts, doors, and also worktops or other decorative elements. Glass panels placed in bathroom, living room or cabinet can be decorated with multiple kinds of graphics, which allows us to personalize the interior in a delicate, non-intrusive way.

02 / Printed splashbacks- how to choose the perfect one?

Are you looking for a perfect kitchen glass splashback? Do you need a glass panel that will be decorated with a photo taken by you? You can find printed glass splashback in our offer. Landscape, picture of vegetables or fruit, night city view and much more – we can print all dreamt graphics on your glass panel. Every project and client is treated in an individual and comprehensive way.  We offer free of charge any picture from the Adobe Stock library so that you can fit the graphic perfectly to your design. Multiple themes can be put on kitchen splashback, so we are here to advise. Graphic printed on glass splashback is UV resistant – we can enjoy vibrant colours of our print for years. Uv resistant technology also ensures excellent colour reproduction and high durability; the final overprint is protected with one coat of colourless varnish. Printed glass splashbacks can be mounted directly to the wall on special glue.

Regardless of whether the kitchen panels are mounted on the wall or furniture fronts, they must be resistant to impacts and temperature changes. These are the properties obtained by toughening glass, which choice we advise.

This type of glass splashback can be 4mm or 6mm thick, and it depends on the final size of the glass tile. Its standard dimensions are 160 x 280 cm. Nevertheless, glass kitchen splashback can be cut to demanding measures. We can also prepare cuttings and socket holes. Please be advised that all cut-outs affect the final presentation of your glass panel and printed graphic. All glass tiles made by us are finished with milled edges.

03 / Kitchen glass panels – very practical solution

Glass kitchen panels, same as Lacobel glass or lacquered tempered panel, are not only highly aesthetic, but also practical. Glass helps us protect the wall from dirt, oil drop, steam, and water. It is also easy to clean – we need only detergent and dishcloth, unlike traditional tiles, it is not necessary to brush. Taking into account ease of cleaning, kitchen glass wins over traditional tiles. Additionally, if it has undergone thermal treatment, it is distinguished by high mechanical and thermal resistance.

When we decide on a glass kitchen splashback, we can be sure that our interior will look extraordinarily fresh and elegant. Additionally, glass kitchen panels can be decorated with any picture chosen from thousands of photos from Adobe Stock.

The essential factor that has a significant impact on our choice of proper kitchen glass is its price. If we want to know the cost of Lacobel glass, tempered panels of printed splashback, we need only to fill the form with the required information to receive complete pricing.

04 / Evaluate your kitchen splashback


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