Glass panels are gaining more and more interest becomes increasingly used in our kitchen’s decor. Traditional tiling is no longer the most frequently chosen option. Among various possibilities, we can find the perfect aesthetic, modern, and practical one – glass splashbacks. Once we decide on glass kitchen splashbacks, we still have multiple available variations starting from Lacobel glass, through bland tempered glass, ending with printed splashbacks. Please find all available possibilities below, in case of any questions – we are here for help.

01 / Lacobel or lacquered and tempered glass

Lacquered Lacobel splashbacks in the kitchen provide us with multiple possibilities of creating this space decor catchy and functional at the same time. Splashbacks are installing over the worktop or induction hop. This kind of lacquered glass facilitates using our kitchen – it is not necessary to use special detergents to keep it clean. Lacobel glass is available in a wide range of 30 trendsetting colors to match one to your needs. We encourage you to look over our realizations, so you can see how does Lacobel splashback presents in reality. Using juicy, vivid colors from the Lacobel palette, you can create a unique and stylish decoration.

Why are Lacobel splashbacks so willingly and frequently chosen for our kitchen? If you are wondering why lacquered Lacobel glass is so popular, here are the answers. High-classed transparent float glass produced in AGC glassworks is varnished one-sidedly with ecological lacquer. For light and bright lacquer colors, we use a special kind of glass called Optiwhite, which thanks to low iron does not have a green tint so that it can not affect beige and white colors. Lacobel plates are also characterized by high durability and resistance to damage. Additional protection for the lacquer is the way the glass panels are mounted – the glass surface is laid out to the outside, which minimizes the possibility of scratching the finish during everyday operations.

Lacobel glass splashbacks are a great solution that suits every kitchen. These lacquered glass plates are characterized by a high surface smoothness, which makes it light, and optically increases the space in the rooms. Here price comes hand in hand with high quality and long-lasting colors. However, if you are not convinced to use Lacobel splashback, we have a few other possibilities for you. We are encouraging you to see the offer of lacquered, one-colored, tempered kitchen glass plates. This alternative gives us the opportunity of choosing any of the tints from the NCS color range. Please be aware that the color on the paper sampler can slightly vary from the one put on the glass. Tempered plates have one significant advantage –  thanks to the modern technology used for their production, the glass elements are resistant to damage. In the event of breakage, they disintegrate into safe parts that do not threaten the injury. Lacquered tempered glass is also used as a shelf front, glass counter, or doors.

02 / T r a n s p a r e n t  t e m p e r e d  k i t c h e n  s p l a s h b a c k

Undoubtedly, the printed glass panel is one of the most indigenous solutions to glow up our kitchen, even though we still have some proffers for the doubtful ones. Transparent tempered glass panels are seemly for minimalism-styled interiors. This fantastic choice lets us highlight the original texture of the kitchen’s wall, concurrently protecting it from oil spots and whole kitchen dirt. Transparent tempered glass is still rare and they are a really great way to brighten up the room. The kitchen panel looks the finest as a protector of a raw, brick wall. Alongside with extraordinary appearance comes practicality. Transparent tempered glass panels are more expensive than untempered ones, but higher mechanical and thermal resistance is worth its price.

03 / P r i n t e d  g l a s s  p a n e l s

Tempered glass splashbacks are not mean to be one-colored – They can be embellished with any picture or graphic. This kind of glass panel can be placed on the wall, but it is also used as a shelf front, worktops or doors. Printed glass panels are also commonly used as a bathroom decoration. We provide you with all pictures in the Adobe Stock library, but we highly recommend choosing photos from your own resources. Visualization is included in every order’s price, so your approval is needed before producing the glass. It is essential, so you can improve your design as many times as required, till you accept it. In the case of printed glass panels, we use the new technology of double-coated UV-resistant lacquer, so you can enjoy vibrant colors for years. It does not matter if you choose a graphic, your own picture, or from Adobe Stock library, you will have a unique, personalized decoration of your kitchen.

04 / Glass kitchen splashbacks – comparison

Above, you can find the pros and cons of Lacobel glass panels, tempered and lacquered ones, as well as printed splashbacks. The choice is not natural, but after all, you can enjoy the individual and unique decoration of your interior.

Firstly, we need to decide what kind of kitchen glass we need. We can choose between one-colored glass, transparent panels, and printed splashbacks. If our choice fell on one-colored Lacobel glass panels, we can enjoy a vibrant and vivid hue, but in case if higher resistance is needed, we may require tempered glass splashbacks. It is important to remember that the Lacobel glass is not resistant to high temperatures, therefore, these splashbacks should not be installed in areas exposed to heat such as in the oven or gas cooker area. When we decide on printed glass splashbacks, we face a difficult choice of suitable print. Among hundreds of pictures and graphics on the Adobe Stock library, it may be hard to pick just one. The easiest, but still worth, choice is transparent tempered glass, which can let us create a unique style.

Lacobel lacquered glass panels are produced in dimensions 160×255 cm. Tempered glass splashbacks can be a bit longer – 160x300cm, while transparent glass panels are 160x280cm. All panels are 4mm thin, but the bigger lacquered ones are produced in 6 mm thickness.

All glass splashbacks are made to measure; each plate has milled edges. Additionally, we can prepare holes and cuttings.

A crucial property of splashbacks is thermal and mechanical resistance, associated with glass toughening. If we required a durable and tough solution, tempered glass panels seem ideal. It can be coated with any color lacquer, printed with graphics, or stay transparent. If we are going to put our glass splashback only above the worktop or induction hob, Lacobel lacquered glass will be enough, so you can pay less and get a valuable product.

Secondly, we need to get acquainted with montage possibilities. There is no need to deal with it independently, especially if the glass kitchen panel is supposed to hang on steel rotulas. This method is commonly used in the case of transparent tempered glass panels. Other splashbacks are glued directly to the wall, which additionally secures the lacquered side from scratches and damage.

If you want to get to know the price of all of our products, you need only to fill the form with the required information.

All types of glass splashbacks have one common feature – each of them is easier to keep clean than traditional tiles. There is no need to scrub the joints; all you have to do is just wipe them with basic detergent. We could say that glass kitchen panels are time and energy savers.

No matter what kind of splashback we choose, it would be a great choice we will not regret. It is always an excellent way to secure walls and bring some decor to your interior. All who decided on choosing glass-tempered splashback for the kitchen may get attracted to these in the bathroom. They are also used in other living rooms as well as offices.