Lacobel glass

Kitchen is the most common room in every house, we are spending here a lot of time, so it is worth decorating it with glass Lacobel panel. It brings colour to our kitchen, brightening it up at the same time.

01 / Unique splashback – Lacobel lacquered glass panel

Lacobel splashback has multiple advantages, which make them the most popular kind of glass panel. They are commonly used in the kitchen as an alternative to traditional tiles. This type of lacquered glass is generally hung on the wall above the worktop; however, more and more start using them on shelf front or doors. Lacobel glass panels may be a great decoration of other space as a living room, bathroom or office.


The high quality of our Lacobel splashbacks results from the usage of excellent materials; panels are produced in AGC glassworks. The float glass sheet is one side coated with ecological lacquer, in bright, vivid colors. Typically, the Lacobel panel has dimensions 160×255 cm, but we can cut it to size, adding cut-outs and holes. If you want to get to know Lacobel splashback, please fill in the required information, and you will receive complete pricing. You can pick up your order in person from our headquarter in Krakow, but we can also deliver it to you. Lacquered glass panels are glued directly to the wall, so it is secured from scratches and other damages.

02 / Lacobel splashback – color palette

In case we decide on Lacobel kitchen splashbacks, we can be sure that it will be the main point of our room. This beautiful and practical decoration brightens the interior. Lacobel’s color palette contains 30 vivid and stunning colors so that you can create a unique decor.

All colors are available in two color palettes – standard and Clearvision. Tints from the standard palette are applied on float-type glass. Clearvision palette includes mainly bright colors, which are used on Optiwhite glass – characterized by the softened green tint of glass, so It is not affecting the Lacobel lacquer color. It is thanks to lowered contain of iron, so it is mostly used for bright colors.

Clear white glass splashbacks for the kitchen fit perfectly in new, modern designs, especially in combination with blacks and greys. Lacobel Soft White is hugely versatile, whereas pearly shadow composes perfectly with wood, for minimalism lovers the best preposition is Creal White – beautiful, bright color that suits all minimalistic and classic interiors.

Black glass kitchen splashbacks are still rare, but needlessly – it is a great way to create an elegant interior. To avoid the overwhelming effect, the best approach is to compose this decorative glass with bright furniture. If our choice fell on splashback in vivid and vibrant color, for example, orange, red, fuchsia, or intensive green, then subdued color may appear necessary. For balance, we can go for bright and delicate shelves, flooring, and walls, so our interior will look cozy and charming. It is worth remembering that intense color has a positive impact on our state of being, so while spending time in the kitchen decorated with Lacobel lacquered glass, we may feel more vigorous.

Lacobel glass splashbacks in beige or pastel green favor calming and soothing. In combination with brown and wood elements, lacquered glass panels in soft colors help us create a very cozy room. How to bring some life to our kitchen? Using blue Lacobel splashback, you can create a classic, minimalistic design. Blue tones are available as pastel, toned, shiny (with the addition of some sparkling particles). The most exciting proposition from blue Lacobel tones is Metallic Blue, which gleams in the sunlight. Second, and even more compelling, is Intense Aluminium, which, next to gold and copper, is one of the most frequently purchased. Glass panels in such intensive and dominant colors should be juxtaposed with more gentle tints so that it can be balanced.

03 / Lacquered tempered glass panels

As you can see from the above description, Lacobel splashbacks are an ideal solution that fits every kitchen. If we need more resistant decoration (for example, if you want to put the splashback above the gas stove), you may choose tempered glass panels lacquered with any hue from the NCS palette. Intense and vivid colors, like red or orange Lacobel, at best compose with furniture, walls, and flooring in light and lucid hues, which can balance colorful splashbacks. It is worth pointing that lively and bright colors have a positive impact on our fettle. If we want to obtain curious, minimalistic decor, whites composed with greys can help us create a unique, elegant decor. In the modern-designed kitchen, we can not miss black lacquered splashbacks, which are universal.

Tempered glass splashbacks can be placed above every type of hotplate, even gas one; lacquered panels look perfectly also as shelves fronts, doors, or even worktops. Toughening increases glass resistance so that it can withstand hard wallops and very high temperatures. Tempered splashbacks are always 4 mm thick, but for the bigger ones (longer than 270 cm), we are using thicker plates (6 mm). All our products are finished with aesthetic milling; we can also prepare holes and cuttings in every panel. Even though all of these advantages, it is worth pointing that colors shown in the probe can slightly vary after putting it on the glass. Decorative lacquered glass is the best choice for those who are seeking a resistant alternative to Lacobel glass panels.

Tempered glass panels are a bit more expensive than the non-toughened ones, but the price comes hand in hand with higher thermal and mechanical resistance and a sense of security.

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04 / G l a s s  k i t c h e n  s p l a s h b a c k s  –  a e s t h e t i c  a n d  p r a c t i c a l  s o l u t i o n

While seeking the best solution to put on the kitchen wall, we have to remember that decorative glass splashbacks are not only beautiful decor, it also practical security, that helps us protect the wall from dirt, oil drop, steam, and water. It is also easy to clean – we need only detergent and dishcloth, unlike traditional tiles, it is not necessary to brush.

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