Custom-made mirrors

Custom-made mirrors are excellent solution not only for bathrooms or halls. Personalized reflector looks great also in other rooms, optically brightens it up.

01 /Custom-made mirrors

Bathrooms or halls are hard to imagine without a mirror, which is also often used in sleeping rooms, wardrobes, or living rooms. If we need a mirror that perfectly suits our interior, it is worth choosing a custom-made mirrors. Thanks to customization, we can decide about its shape, dimensions, finishing type, and mounting method. This is the best way to optimally match the mirror to the needs and tastes of the household members.

A custom-made mirror allows us not only to use the available space on the wall optimally. While deciding about its shape, dimensions, and finishing technique, we can create a unique and personalized decoration, that is not only practical but also useful and beautiful.

The mirror helps us to realize many of our everyday activities properly. Still, aside from its efficiency, a large mirror sheet may be helpful in small interiors, optically enlarging and lightening up our room. A custom-made mirror is a perfect solution for a bathroom that is used by people of various heights – we can place one large pane that will be useful for every household member. A strip-formed mirror on the entire wall is gaining more and more fans, becoming an increasingly popular solution, mainly in the bathrooms. Custom-made reflector allows us not only to match it with other interior decors perfectly, but it also gives us the possibility of creating all needed holes and cut-outs. Large mirror sheets help us to brighten the room.

Mirrors in the hall are usually rectangular, vertical, and large, so it allows see ourselves as people of various heights. The only limit is the space we owned. We can produce a mirror of any size, shape, and even color. A big mirror is also a great way to optically enlarge usually a small space. A custom-made mirror is an unusual personalized decoration, that helps us brighten up our interior.

02 / Available possibilities

Rectangular mirrors are universal, fit perfectly to modern-designed as well as classic interiors, but more and more often are displaced with reflectors in other shapes. The oval mirror is an excellent choice for bathrooms; round one looks great in halls, while extraordinary octagonal-shaped glass brings modernity and looks futuristic. We also offer a lot of other, outsized configurations.

Freedom in choosing the mirror’s shape lets us create a unique and modern decoration. We also offer a wide range of framing that can be even round and oval, so we have multiple design opportunities. You can choose among a lot of possibilities – thickness, color, adornments, and materials to create your own mirror-frame that suits you the best. Wooden-framed mirror perfectly fits austere decors, while shiny and thin frame will work in glamour-styled interiors. Minimalistic, black aluminum framework, is often picked to monochrome and loft designed arrangement.

Next to framing,  frame-style edges chamfering can give an unexpected, minimalistic effect.

The most popular are silver mirrors, but in our offer, you can find also brown and graphite tinted. Mirrors in these colors are very unique and extraordinary, catching the eye of every guest. In a glass sheet, we can make cut-outs and holes if needed (for example for contacts). It is useful especially in the case of whole-wall bathroom mirrors. Modern-styled mirrors with matte elements and LED lighting are eagerly chosen to voguish interiors.

How mirrors are assembled? It can be hung on the hooks, but the increasingly chosen option is sticking it directly to the wall.

Custom-made mirrors are suitable not only for house-use, but it is also the perfect choice for fitness, gym, dance rooms, and all places in which the possibility of following our movements is needed to correctly carry out all exercises. To this type of place, we are typically advising big, mirrors sheets, usually for the entire wall.